Roof flashings not only add a finished look to your roofing, but ensure your roof and features are watertight, for maximum peace of mind. At Raindance Roof Plumbing, we specialise in lead and metal roof flashings for Geelong homes and businesses.

Every flashing is custom-designed on site to suit the shape and profile of your roofing. Our experienced domestic, industrial and commercial roof plumbers know what works for a wide range of roofing shapes, sizes and materials. We can produce customised roof flashings up to 8.1 metres in continuous length.

We help you select the best choice in roof flashings, whether you’re building a new roof for a home or unit, or re-roofing as part of a renovation project. Ask us about chase, apron, step, chimney, corner, ridge and sill flashing.

Lead flashings

Raindance Roof Plumbing can advise whether lead flashings are suited to your roofing profile. We can also recommend alternatives to prevent chemical reactions between your flashing and roof material.

Where possible, we recommend using COLORBOND® flashings for COLORBOND® roofing. However, we can also supply and install Acrylead flashings, specially coated for corrosion prevention.

As part of our roof repairs service, we can also replace your lead roof flashings with modern metal roof flashings.

Metal roof flashings

If you have ZINCALUME® or galvanised roofing, your flashings must be the same material to avoid damaging your roofing. Our roof plumbers can custom-design a range of shapes and sizes, including curved flashings.

We can also customise roof flashings to suit the colour of your existing or new roof, including supplying all 20 colours available in the COLORBOND® range.

Whether your existing flashings are leaking, or if you need a watertight conjunction between wall cladding types, contact Raindance Roof Plumbing in Geelong.