Excess water can seriously damage your roofing, leading to expensive – and unnecessary – repairs. At Raindance Roof Plumbing, we believe in prevention as the first step. Talk to our qualified and licensed roof plumbers about how rainwater tanks and gravity-fed drainage work together to protect your roofing from damage.

Geelong roof plumbers install rainwater tanks

Have you considered installing a rainwater tank as part of your new roof or roof repairs? A rainwater tank is a cost-saving investment for homeowners – allowing you to take advantage of natural water sources and reduce your bills at the same time.

Especially around Geelong and Melbourne, where water restrictions can be in place year-round, a water tank allows homeowners greater freedom and access to water.

Our domestic roof plumbers can supply and install rainwater tanks for new homes or existing homes, including hooking the tank up to your roofing and connecting a garden tap. If you live in an apartment or simply have limited space, we also install underground bladder tanks.

Ask us about plastic and corrugated metal water tanks, including COLORBOND® and ZINCALUME® options.

Gravity-fed drainage protects roofing

Gravity-fed drainage uses strategically placed downpipes to feed stormwater from your roofing down to your drainage system. Our roof plumbers can help design and install downpipes for a gravity-fed drainage system that drains into your new rainwater tank first, for optimum water usage.

If your home or business needs downpipe replacement, talk to the team at Raindance Roof Plumbing about installing a gravity-fed drainage system.