Detecting leaks can be a building saving practise. Without it’s detection, buildings can become severely damaged leading to deconstruction.

That’s why, at Raindance Roof Plumbing, the team are now offering thermal imaging services that are here to save your building or project from a dramatic, sad ending.

Water leaks and moisture infiltration can in most circumstances cause serious damage to a house or building, and in most circumstances can’t be detected until it’s already too late. By using a thermal imaging camera, it’s now become possible to find hidden water and moisture issues without having to destruct your project.

Factors that often contribute to leaking issues can include pipe leaks, rain, snow, humidity (during any season) and often condensation. Usually, low levels of moisture are ok in a home setting, but leaks and heavy condensation can cause serious problems, where a thermal image camera can detect these subtle temperature differences and patterns which can reveal water that has been built up.

In terms of overall moisture patterns, they can show up in different ways on the camera usually spreading in a recognisable pattern depending on where the water is:

Walls usually show up as a top-down triangular shape formed as water spreads downwards, whilst water in a ceiling can show up as amorphous and unstructured shapes with areas of wet, damp, and moist material spreading outwards with different temperatures.

Whilst moisture is one of the most difficult issues to detect, the signs are subtle and easy to miss, however the team at Raindance Roof Plumbing are professionals with strong knowledge of any leak damage prevention.

Whilst also providing thermal imaging and leak detection the team are also proficient in re-roofing, guttering, rainwater tanks and drainage and plenty more.

So, if you’re suspecting something isn’t right with your home and you think a leak is present, don’t go past Raindance Roof Plumbing and trust our team of professionals today.

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