Roof vents, whirlybirds and turbines help maintain constant, workable temperatures for Geelong’s homes and businesses. The fully qualified and licensed roof plumbers at Raindance Roof Plumbing supply and install a wide range of roof vents for commercial, industrial and domestic clients.

Roof vents provide a cost-effective and low-maintenance form of ventilation for buildings, using natural wind power for easier temperature control. Ask our team about installing roof vents as part of your roof repairs or new roof installation. We can work with you to select and install roof vents year-round.

Our Geelong roof plumbers ensure your roof vents and whirlybirds are water-tight, preventing costly roof leaks and water damage – so you can enjoy maximum peace of mind in the roofing over your head!

Vents and exhaust fans installed by industrial roof plumbers

Our industrial roof plumbers install roof vents and exhaust fans to assist with temperature control for factories and warehouses, as well as ensuring dangerous fumes and toxins are expelled from the building.

Roof vents exhaust trapped heat from roofing in summer, and reduce moisture build-up in winter, helping maintain comfortable temperatures year-round.

Domestic roof plumbers install whirlybirds for home roofing

Whirlybirds are a popular, cost-effective choice for homeowners, allowing roofing to breathe in hot and cold weather conditions and preventing stale air from building up in your roof cavity.

Our domestic roof plumbers can help you choose the right colour whirlybird to suit existing or new roofing.

Please contact Raindance Roof Plumbing to find out more about how fan-assisted roof vents and whirlybirds make cooling and heating easier.