February 2017

The team at Raindance Roof Plumbing was excited to work on this re-roofing project in Newtown, Geelong. The project involved removing the old roof and installing a brand-new roof with several roofing features also included in the build.

An important part of this re-roofing project was ensuring the home’s original heritage look was not compromised, so we worked closely with the owners to maintain the ideal aesthetics while improving structural integrity.

The first step of the project involved removing the existing roofing and ensuring the roof structure was sound before beginning the re-roofing installation. Timeliness and efficiency during this stage was crucial, as we had to ensure the existing home was not unduly exposed to the weather throughout the build process.

The major re-roofing installation included a new COLORBOND corrugated iron roof at .42mm thickness. Our team also installed quad spouting, chimney flashing, box gutters, sumps and overflows, as well as a bladder tank under the house for rainwater storage – ensuring proper drainage and protecting the roof from water damage in future.

The re-roofing also featured a glass skylight installation to add natural light and warmth throughout the home.

Take a look at the difference in the before and after photos in the gallery below, and contact Raindance Roof Plumbing for more information about re-roofing in Geelong.